We trust in develop the individual talent of our players. To do it, we believe that it’s not enought to tell them “what to do”. By this way, we are not creating knowledge in our players, we are just giving them what they need at the moment, but in long-term, it doesn’t benefit the ones who are with us. We want to develop intelligent players.

Our target is, always, to make better the ones who are with us. We really trust in the power of WHY-HOW-WHAT, the only way to be a complete player in any situation. To recognize and understand the game environment that I’m living and then, to know which tools should I use to overcome the problem.

Players will live a completely different experience, being trained by innovative & experienced coaches of the best clubs in the world and educated by Footbox Method. They will put all his effort helping the players to be better & to get the objectives that, all together, we fixed at the beginning.



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