The Camp aims to bring the best professionals in football to all the kids that love football and want to become better. Football is discriminative, because when you grow up, the possibilities to be well educated as a player start to being reduced. Usually, the best teams have the best players, and the best players often have the best coaches. So, if you are not in a top team, how can you become a top player? We want to give a new opportunity to everyone and live a real pro experience, being trained and living like a professional player, enjoying how much we can learn if we are coached in the proper way.

The FOOTX CAMPS are developed in Spain through collaborations with local teams or companies to create a unique football experience for all the boys & girls who trust in us and want to become professional players.

During the Camps they will have the opportunity to confront themselves with players of different teams but the same age throughout Spain and, above all, to be coached by coaches from teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.


When we observe football, we realize that many times we face similar situations, but all of them are different. We call patterns to these similar situations, and inside each pattern we have variability. So, all the players that perform in an specific position should dominate many principles are common to every position because there are universal situations that always appear in a game and it’s really helpful for them to know how they should react. At the same time, we should adapt to them. If the players are different, some of them will have specific strengths and other ones will have specific weaknesses that we need to train intelligently to be able to overcome them. The best collective performances are done by the individuals who know exactly what to do in the field and how interact with their team-mates, and this is the reason to go into the detail with every single player. We should look for the individual perfection. This is the reason why we think that coaches should be ready to give the best advices to their players in every position and in every situation, adapting their feedbacks to the players, not just to the standards.


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