After many years coaching at high level (youth team of Academia Atletico de Madrid) and travel around Europe to meet and to share ideas with the best coaches in the world (FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Juventus FC, AS Roma, Ajax FC, FC Porto) we have innovative ideas that we put in action through Footbox, a company that has the outcome to help the players to develop their own talents in the best way. We have created a method that is able to be adapted to the needs of our customers and to fit in all the different scenarios around the world.

That's the reason why during many years of researching, studying the past, analyzing the present and trying to anticípate the future, we worked together to create the best football method to develop the individual talent at the same time that we improve our team.

And now, with FootX Camps and FootBox Academy, we establish a route with clear principles that players can use to improve as they have never done before, with the important help of top coaches that will make them train as professionals and will create the perfect environment to live a unique experience.




Footbox believes that a better football is possible, and we want to help all the boys & girls around all the world to play it good and to reach their maximum potentials. To get it, we really believe that is necessary to have the best influences. And a coach can be a great inspiration for the players. So, why is not possible for all the kids to have the best coaches from their beginning in football? Why all the best coaches should be only in the best clubs and, for this reason, only the best players can be trained by them?

That’s the first reason why we create FOOTX CAMPS. To bring the best coaches to ALL the kids.

The second big reason was to observe how the big majority of the camps are done. After analyzing it, our goal was to optimizing the time that the kids spend with us and, on this way, to try to help them to improve as much as we can.

To get it, we need to know which are the main aspects to train in every step of the player development. For this reason, we have created a method to make it simple & to help everyone to achieve it. Furthermore, each player is different, so we personalized and adapt our goals to all the players that we are working with.

We want to develop as much as we can the players that believe in us, and we think that it’s necessary to have clear objectives during our trainings to be able to improve. That’s the reason why we are different. Because we focus on to get the best performance of our players designing a process where they are the most important aspect. We work for them. Depending on what we are looking for, our feedbacks & our design of trainings will change, adapting to the needs of the ones who fork with us.

We know that we will do their best having fun & feeling comfortable, and they will, but we will also push them to break their limits and to explore situations that they never lived before. They will understand why things happen during the game & they will be able to improve their decision making with the help of the best professionals.


Carlos Cuesta

Founder & CEO

An absolute passion for his game, a Degree in Sports Science, UEFA PRO License at 19 and already 8 years of experience in coaching.  Three years coaching in the Academia of  Atletico de Madrid, now Head Coach of U-13.

Founder of Footbox Research Srl and creator of the FootBox Academy and FootX Camps.

Mihaela Nistor

Marketing Manager

With two degrees (and a third that will come soon), Co-Founder of Insilink for which she is following the development of the new Start-ups, a past experience in ACI Italy and organization of FIA World Congress and F1 GP in Monza for ACI Group.

Anna Maria Froldi

Asia Development Office

35 year of experience on the Asian market and many year cooperating with Agusta Spa (now Leonardo) , founder of the "Chotto Matte Kudasai" channel for better cooperation between Japan and Europe.

Xisca Coll

Costumer Care Man.

Business Administration Degree 25 years of experience in bank customer support. 10 years of experience in advisement & management of Football Clubs.

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