This Camp is aimed at all children both those who already play football or not. The Camp aims to bring to life the experience of being trained and live the days as real players in the youth sector of one of the greatest teams in the world.

The FOOTX CAMPS are developed in Spain through the collaboration with local teams or companies to create a moment of great football for all the boys who dream of becoming professional players.

During the Camps they will have the opportunity to confront themselves with the same age throughout Spain but above all to be coached by coaches from teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, Porto and other big teams.


All the players are different, and some of them have some strengths and other ones have some weaknesses, but many principles are common to every position and the players should dominate because there are universal situations that always appear in a game and it’s really helpful for them to know how they should react. The best collective performances are done by the ones who know exactly what to do in the field and how interact with their team-mates, and this is the reason to go into the detail with every single player. We should look for the individual perfection. This is the reason why we think that coaches should be ready to give the best advices to their players in every position



  • FOOTX CAMPUS: APRIL 2020 - Tokyo Area


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